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What to do with those left-overs?

Sometimes no matter how good your intentions of eating those left-overs the next day or the day after that, you just don't seem to get around to it.   

There's the invite down to the local pub or let's have fish and chips tonight and the good old left-overs from the roast dinner or the quick stir fry keep sitting in that fridge, hoping to get eaten! 


Before you go throwing out those left-over goodies which tasted fantastic when you had that roast dinner or the stir fry, check the contents of your containers and just see what you have. Maybe there is an imaginative meal in there?  Apart from just reheating or having bubble and squeak (which seems to be a popular dish here in the UK), get a bit more creative.

You could chop up the vegetables add an egg or two, extra herbs and seasoning, mashed potatoes or breadcrumbs and make some delicious vegie patties or fritters!  Want protein add some tinned salmon or grated cheese, salmon and veg patties, or cheese and veg fritters. Sounds good already!

frittata, salmon, spinach, eggs, bake,
Chop the vegetables into cubes

Or as I have done this time you could combine both lots of left-overs - left-over roast vegetables with peas and the small amount of  mushroom gravy and stir fry vegetables with a hint of curry. 

The idea was to make a quick lunch-time snack, something that can be eaten cold or warmed up, on it's own or with a salad.  So I settled for a baked vegetable dish, sort of frittata style (see my Spinach and Salmon Frittata recipe).  

My left-over containers consisted of roasted parsnip, pumpkin, carrots, a couple of roasted garlic cloves and a  very small amount of  mushroom and onion gravy and in the second container I had stir fried zucchini (courgettes), carrots, broccoli, celery, red peppers (capsicum) and onions.  And of course there was a pathetic small slice of roast lamb and a similar sized slice of turkey breast with the stir fry veg.

First I chopped up all the vegetables and the meat into really small cubes, then I seasoned with extra ground black pepper, then into a bowl added 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons double cream, and 2 teaspoons cornflour, mixed well and added to the vegetables. 

frittata, salmon, spinach, eggs, bake,
Ready to be placed into oven
Then I buttered a rectangular baking dish and coated it with finely grated pecorino romano,  poured the vegetable mix into the dish, decorated with sliced tomato, a sprinkle of coriander and black pepper.

Baked in a preheated oven at 180C for 25 minutes  and then turned down the heat to 160C for 20 minutes.  Then let the vegetable dish rest in the oven for 10 minutes after turning off the heat.

frittata, salmon, spinach, eggs, bake,
Baked Left-over Delight served with Green Salad and Potato Salad

Serve with green salad  and potato salad (which I also made from left-over boiled potatoes). 

All good and a wholesome lunchtime treat!

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