Hello my name is Barbara Summers and I like to cook, NO ACTUALLY - I LOVE TO EAT - eating is what makes living so worthwhile, don't you agree?

I would love to travel the world on a GASTRONOMICAL TOUR - basically eat my way around the world, try the best dishes each country has to offer, and just enjoy every single mouthful. Absolutely fabulously deliciousness eating!

Of course I would also explore the country I was visiting as I love traveling and love to explore historical sites, and I would also take loads of photos because I love photographing everything!

One day my dream may just come true! 

I also have many other interests and hobbies (crochet and knitting), so generally when it comes to cooking on a daily basis I usually prefer quick recipes, easy recipes, no fuss recipes, one pot recipes and throw together recipes. 

HOWEVER every now and then I also LOVE to try new recipes which will challenge me.

At other times I love cooking my favourite recipes from my childhood, which are based on my Polish heritage. My grandmother (babcia) always would say that "the way to a man's heart was through his stomach", implying that if I didn't know how to cook I wouldn't get a man! I just love these old sayings.

I believe that apart from good ingredients and a good recipe the secret components to a well cooked meal are: focus, patience and lots of love.

What you will find here will be recipes I am fond of, some old and some very new, which I will share with you whenever I get around to photographing and writing a blog about them.  Unfortunately I do prefer to be doing rather than sitting at the computer and writing about it, so sometimes it may take a while before things get posted. In the meantime I hope you enjoy whatever recipes I do get a chance to share with you.


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