Bee Pollen

On our recent day trip to the beautiful southern seafront town of Brighton, Sussex, we meandered around and past the Royal Pavillion, wandered through the tiny streets of old Brighton and found our way to the "Inifinity Foods" shop.  Walked in to browse their shelves.... never know what goodies you can find... and the one thing I have been trying to hunt down for a few months now has been BEE POLLEN.

Surprise! Surprise! there on the shelf next to a great selection of honey ..... Organic Pollen.... about time was wondering whether I would ever find any in UK.... so excited about it.... bought two (2) jars.

I am now armed for any hay fever attacks... and the like..
Sneezing, Runny nose, Itchy bloodshot eyes, Stuffed up nose, Itching around the face and mouth, Exhaustion, Blocked sensation in ears, Headache, Wheezing, Burning in the throat, Pain in the Sinuses.... blah, blah, blah........

Taking pollen:
1 x teaspoonful in a glass of water or juice
- stir vigorously, allow pollen to dissolve, then drink.
take warm in green tea with a bit of honey.
add it to your "Kill a Germ Drink"
(see previous blog "Spring is in the air")

to be taken 2-3 times a day whilst hayfever symptoms persist.

Good bye  to hay fever.......

Bon appetit!

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