Quick Simple Snacks

There are those moments when no matter what you have in the fridge you just want something else......  you know what I mean?
This is the time when a few simple ingredients lurking in the pantry cupboard  and fridge can be turned into a satisfying and enticing snack........ but what you ask?
Well...... do you like fish?  How about some tinned sardines?  Sounds good?  No?  Trust me it's all good.

2  x 120g tinned sardines
100g soft cream cheese
Fresh or dried dill and/or parsley
1/2  red onion finely chopped
Cracked pepper
Juice of 1/2 small lemon
1 teaspoon x Horseradish cream (optional)
Sprinkle chillie powder (optional)

Open the tinned sardines and pour off the liquid.
Place into a large bowl, and add all other ingredients.
Using a fork blend by hand all the ingredients together - do not use a blender it will be too runny.
Adjust the seasoning and if you like a bit of heat you can ADD the chillie powder.

Serve with toasted bread, water crackers, rice cakes, pitta bread (can be toasted), and some celery or cucumber sticks.

A very satisfying snack.  Enjoy!

Special note:
Non dairy version -  make this without the cream cheese.
Up market version - make this with tinned salmon.
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