MiBerry Delight

MiBerry Delight is the simplest desert ever!

Can be added to nearly anything! well maybe.
I have added it to smoothies, eaten it with natural yoghurt, with custard, with muesli, and ...... basically use it as my berry fruit treat!

The photo is of wild blackberries we picked in August and brought home to make into our favourite berry delight!

This is a 'throw together' recipe - nothing is exact - I have been throwing various amounts of ingredients together over the years and it always works and often tastes slightly different - which is OK because we are not after an exact taste/flavour - and it is always a fabulous treat!

1-2 x cups Fresh or frozen berries (mixed is best for a good variety of berries but when in season one kind of berry is good too)
1-2 x tablespoons Sugar or honey(depends on berry - if using sweet berries eg. blackberries; use less sugar - if using berries which are more tart eg. raspberries use more sugar)
1 x Vanilla pod or few drops of Vanilla extract
pinch of Cinnamon
Lemon or orange rind (just peel off a couple of strips with sharp knife - no pith)
pinch of Mild Chilli powder or Ginger powder (or use fresh ginger - just slice a couple of pieces the size of 10 cent piece)
Dash of vodka (adds a nice background flavour)
A splash of orange juice (if you need extra liquid)

Place everything into a saucepan and slowly bring to a gentle boil.
Turn down the heat and allow to simmer gently for about 10 minutes.
Take off the heat and allow to cool in saucepan.

Can be served at room temperature with custard; or natural yoghurt; or plain sponge and whipped cream; or with crushed meringue and sour cream; add to a yoghurt smoothie with banana; add to breakfast cereal; especially nice with homemade muesli; and I am sure you will think of other ways to eat it! Enjoy!

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